BLOG  POST By Melvin Monette-Barajas, President and Executive Director of Indigenous Education, Inc. The home of the Cobell Scholarship.

Happy New Year.

This is going to be a simple blog post for very busy students and colleagues and friends of the organization.

I have one of those magnetic note pads on my file cabinet. This particular one is titled, “Things To Do”. It’s always prominently present for me and others to read.

One day, I was contemplating the things I forget to do in busy times. I created the following list. It remains a constant reminder of the “other” things I need “to do” on a daily basis. It immediately changed the way I interact with others.

1.    Be Grateful
2.    Smile
3.    Listen, then respond
4.    Clarify
5.    Walk
6.    Laugh
7.    Challenge

Each of those words had meaning to me that day several years ago when I wrote them. Their individual meanings may change by situation but the list hasn’t. Hopefully you will create a similar list to post prominently where you can see it daily.  Why?  Because as we rush through the day or week to get to class, do homework, get to a job, feed ourselves (and others), meet obligations, and generally just stay on top of things, we forget that the sea of faces and minds with which we interact are doing the same thing.  While this list is a reminder for me it is impactful for others.

Be well.  Take care of yourself and others.